Kobayashi Maru

Not many people are against Immigration, what has people up in arms is illegal immigration.

What happens when people do not go through the proper channels of a country’s legislative laws to limit the flood of people trying to gain access to a more manageable number? That how North Korea should invade South Korea, don’t use weapons, just have a mass migration and take over government positions.

If I go into an Apple store and take an iPhone from the store without paying, they will call the police. What we should do is get enough people into government who want free iPhones, then change the law that says if you go into an Apple store you have the right to take an iPhone for free. Then if you can’t afford the Cellular plan, then the people who have stolen an iPhone can pass another law to grant anyone with a stolen iPhone (or anyone who can prove they have stolen one) to get a free cellular plan. Wait! Do you need an awesome ride to show off that new iPhone with unlimited data and voice? No problem, if you can prove you have stolen an iPhone in the past 10 years and have a free cellular plan, you can walk into a BMX dealership and take a new automobile.

The events that happened in Huntington Park, California remind me of this. Although they have no power currently, they just appointed two illegal immigrants to a government position! If what to put anyone on a government position that has gone through the petitioning, Green card and then naturalization process, I say no problem, when you want to take short cuts and short circuit the process, I say No Bueno.


You can call the undocumented immigrants or whatever politically correct term you are using know, but the bottom line is that they don’t want to put in the effort to go through proper channels and just decide on their own to do what suits their needs to get to the ends of THEIR means.