College Bound

This isn’t a dig on Hillary Clinton’s new proposal to have American tax payers forced to pay off college students school loans. This is obviously a ruse to cozy up to  Bernie Sanders supporters, but a convulsion of the whole political slant on paying for college.

Lets face it, college costs too much, we all know this.

She wants to spend $350 billion dollars to make college more “affordable”, what that means is giving $350 billion dollars away.

Instead of finding creative ways to delay paying for college or having the government pay the college costs for people, why don’t we solve the problem instead of mask it.

Lets make college affordable, not by giving away money or by loans that kick the can down the road. Lets find out why the costs of College has skyrocketed in the past 20 years.

Looking at this chart published by Brigham Young University for the college costs from 1984-2013, its four times as expensive as it was 30 years ago.

If you want to see what a $100 is worth compared it 2013 you can go here.

Looking at the conversion, $100 in 1984 is worth $226 today, basically doubled, yet colleges have increased by a four fold.  Why ? Good question,  that’s what the policy makers should be doing instead of financing these college that are fleecing their students and the American tax payer. Our government has enough debt.