The lowest common denominator

At the lake in our town there used to by a floating deck on the water that people could jump off of.

This year we noticed it was missing. I assumed that it just was not dragged out of storage yet. The weeks dragged on and still no floating deck.

As the summer is drawing to a close I asked the lifeguard about the mystery. He told me the deck was no longer going to be used, last year a kid slipped and got hurt when jumping off the deck and his parents sued the city.

This deck had been a fixture at the lake for a great many years, all it took is for one selfish, self-centered, moronic family to shut down the institution for the thousands of other people utilizing the deck during the summer.

Taken a bit further, we are all one incident from having any freedom, joy or privilege taken away.

It’s the politically correct way of dumbing down the people. We seem to cater these days to our lowest common dominator of people. You know, morons.

The most fun or the most honest speech we can ever hope for these days is if it has been watered down to be the safest, non-threatening way for a person with the lowest threshold of common sense or sensibility to enjoy themselves without getting hurt or offended.