Upside down

Why does Donald trump have legs?

I will tell you one of the reasons is that he is not beholden to any corporation, group or large donor that deems him proper for THEIR point of view.

Look at this article, of which political Candidate is winning the tech money race.

Basically the article is implying that if you don’t cow toe to huge corporate donors you don’t get to even run for office?

So inherently built into the presidential election is a group of prescreened and obedient  candidates that have been vetted by large benefactors giving large amount of money, usually expecting a fair amount in return for their large monetary donations?

Doesn’t this seem wrong to you?

At least Donald Trump can speak his own mind and chart his own course. You may not like what he says all the time, but you can be darn sure they are his view and positions are not one that has been carefully crafted and approved by the large cash donors that back a politician. Or worse, career politicians that really don’t believe what they say, but because they have been told to say it by their political advisors, doing the old bait and switch.

Have you had enough of career politicians? Originally the United States government was supposed to be setup and run by the people for the people, not by lawyers and career politicians for the largest donor. They don’t know what is good for working class people, they hear tidbits and news bytes of what middle class people want, but they don’t live the life (good and bad) of everyday hard working citizens that they claim to represent. Can you afford to go to a fund raiser that costs $2000 a plate? Yea, me neither.  Democrats and Republican you are both guilty.

You cant tell me, that in a country of 250 million people, there are no other presidential candidates than a Clinton or a Bush.

I am not saying Donald Trump is the one and only, but his success proves that there are other people out there who have had enough and don’t want to take it any more.