Ad Blocking

I was listening to a tech podcast today and they were discussing the merits and pits falls of Apple’s new content blocking built into the new Operating systems for the iPhones.

It got testy when one person, who is a tech writer, was complaining that it would take food out his mouth by revenues being cut.

That brought me to the comparison of trying to be a writer is like trying to be an NFL player. A lot of people aspire to be one, but very few actually have the talent and skill to be one.

When you first start playing football as a young child everyone can play, then in high school the better players make the team and the less capable players do not. When you advance to college the competition is fierce and everyone is very talented, because of this the number available spots to the players are narrowed down, and the pool of players is again reduced. Your chance to leap from college to the pro NFL league is between slim and none, the number of college players looking to be a pro football players are just overwhelming and gain the pool of players is reduced. You could wind up in the CFL or one of the less financed arena football teams, but those alternatives involve having a real job to pay the bills while you play in one of the secondary leagues

The same is true for writing and journalism. In Liberal Arts College anyone can be a journalism major, but the leap to a professional writing job is tough and competitive. Even Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of Americans greatest writers, wrote the classic book, The Scarlet Letter while at his full time job, working a customs house.
The internet has allowed the lower rung of these journalists to write for a full time living, but maybe the market is over saturated and maybe it’s time for a correction.

The ad people have realized that online ads have a limited value/return and have continued to up the ante to infringe upon our eyes balls until they gotten to this point, of the users having enough.

If you feel your writing is that important and your readers depend on your way of presenting the information as much as you think, then there must be another way besides ads to continue writing.

Or maybe as Judge Elihu Smails says to Danny Noonan in CaddyShack “The World Needs Ditch Diggers, Too”