Kentucky Rain

I don’t dislike many people, but even I get to the end my patience sometimes.

Another Cop has been killed and reading the article there is no mention of race, so I assume it was a black criminal who shot a white cop.

If a white cop shoots a black guy, then race will be the primary topic of the article.

In all the articles I have read about this Kentucky trooper being shot and killed it was conspicuously never mentioned, which means it is a glaring missing fact.

In this article which says the “Relations between the public and police departments have been strained in recent months by cases in which officers used excessive force, sometimes fatally, in arresting suspects.”

First the “Public” has no overall problems with the cops. It’s small group of aggressive type of person and criminals that have a problem with the cops, not the “Public”.

You don’t hear about a lot of fatal shootings with people who are Mexican, Chinese,  or too many other kinds of people. You can cry racism or you can look at the circumstances.

If you get pulled over or if a cop tell you to drop down, do not, under any circumstances approach them and argue with them at this time. Common sense says the cops have guns. If they hassle you and deny your civil rights, let the cops finish their act and file charges with them later.

It’s really not that hard to understand.