The Gravy Train

Let’s face it; the immigration problem in the United States is a mess.

Not the legal immigration problem, but the illegal immigrants and the flood of refugees looking for an easy ride.

Here is my fix. For legal immigrants nothing changes, they did nothing wrong, they went through all the proper channels and did everything by the book. They are a welcome addition to the United States, they get their Green card and the process continues.

For the illegal immigrants, the ones that got into the country by not going through the proper channels expecting to be embraced get a blue card. This is their probation card, since they have committed a crime by illegally entering the country and tried to cover the fact up, they get no social services for a total of five years, none. After the five years is up then you are on the road to getting your green card with all the privileges. If you are found to be lying about receiving any social services or commit a crime within those five years, you are out forever, no second chances.

Concerning the Anchor baby problem, if you are not a green card holder or citizen, and if your baby is born within the United States your anchor baby is a citizen of your country of origination, not the United States.

Get the word out, that the citizens of the United States will no longer fund and support any illegal activity; the citizens of the United States will embrace immigration but never support people illegally entering the sovereign border of the United States to defraud the people of this country.