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Stop Bullying Me

I do not smoke pot.
I do not have anything against people that do.
I am not LBGT
I do not have anything against people that are.
I am not receiving Food Stamps, (er, sorry an EBT card)
I do not have anything against citizens that need this temporary helping hand.
I am not very religious.
I do not have anything against people that are.

What i am against is the systematic forcing down my throat of having to like people.

If you are LBGT and I do not necessarily like your view of the world, its does not mean I am homophobic, it just means you personally, I do not get along with.

So if I disagree with you on a subject and you are white, Asian, black, gay, Christian, Muslim or even a Steelers fan. I have nothing against your group as a whole, Its just that I do not like being told I HAVE to like YOU personally, just because you are part of a group or I am wrong.

The bathroom issue

You have to love a country that will put up with such a commotion raised by a small minority of people. Here is a simple question, which bathroom to use? It has been a simple question for a millennia, but in this day and age it has turned into a problem.

If you are on your” journey” and transitioning, congratulations for you. That is your choice and no one is saying it’s a problem. No where in this world has such a majority of people put up with the whining of such a minuscule percent of the population asking for changing OUR ways of life.

If you have equipment down there you are a guy, no matter what stage you in of your transition.

Looking at the ballot measure, Proposition 1,  in Houston, “which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity as well as gender, race, national origin, religion, pregnancy, and a list of other traits included in federal anti-discrimination law.”

They can disguise the bill however they like, but the proposition is  squarely for the small minority that are trying to game the system.

Take down all the signs and have communal bathrooms. I don’t think women or men would like that.

I would love top see the bathroom situation at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco this past weekend.

I wish people would not make things more complicated in an over complicated world.

Kentucky Rain

I don’t dislike many people, but even I get to the end my patience sometimes.

Another Cop has been killed and reading the article there is no mention of race, so I assume it was a black criminal who shot a white cop.

If a white cop shoots a black guy, then race will be the primary topic of the article.

In all the articles I have read about this Kentucky trooper being shot and killed it was conspicuously never mentioned, which means it is a glaring missing fact.

In this article which says the “Relations between the public and police departments have been strained in recent months by cases in which officers used excessive force, sometimes fatally, in arresting suspects.”

First the “Public” has no overall problems with the cops. It’s small group of aggressive type of person and criminals that have a problem with the cops, not the “Public”.

You don’t hear about a lot of fatal shootings with people who are Mexican, Chinese,  or too many other kinds of people. You can cry racism or you can look at the circumstances.

If you get pulled over or if a cop tell you to drop down, do not, under any circumstances approach them and argue with them at this time. Common sense says the cops have guns. If they hassle you and deny your civil rights, let the cops finish their act and file charges with them later.

It’s really not that hard to understand.

Diversity in the workplace

Many of the high tech firms in Silicon Valley are releasing gender and racial diversity in the workplace statistics.

I say, “So what…?

What the statistics tell me is that males like to work in the high tech industry.

Do anybody really believe that companies like Apple or Google deliberately turn away qualified women (or minorities) interviewing for high tech jobs at their companies? Who specifically are the hiring managers that are doing this? Is there a corporate policy document instructing them to do this?

The notion is absurd.

These companies didn’t get to be where they are by turning away qualified applicants. The hiring managers evaluate and determine who the the most qualified applicants are and hire them.

That is, until now.

Companies like Apple are now under pressure by very small but very loud activist groups to fill open positions with less-qualified applicants, in the (ultimately irrelevant) name of “diversity”.

The California state university system does the same thing. They need to admit a certain percentage less-qualified students to fill quotas, while other students who earned their way in struggle for decades to repay out-of-state school debt.

There is one diversity-related statistic you never see however – the breakdown of jobs by age. Because we never see these numbers, it’s hard to speak accurately about them, but I think that it’s safe to say that the over-50 crowd is hugely under-represented by the high tech firms.

You never seem to hear complaints or calls for more males in the Nursing profession — or any other profession for that matter. And what about the absence of females playing Major League Baseball? There are no women playing in that sport; this should be an outrage for people striving for workplace diversity, but its not. If you want true diversity look across all the spectrum of professions. Maybe the reason people choose one profession or another is that they truly love what they do and it’s a passion. No matter what your gender, race or walk of life.

I have no desire to be a Nurse. It’s not that I think the job is beneath me, it’s simply that I know in my heart that I wouldn’t be any good at it, because its not my true passion. Sure, I could probably pass the tests (barely) to qualify, but trust me, you do not want me as your nurse. Being a nurse is not something I’d enjoy doing, and becoming one would be unpleasant for me, a struggle for my employer and a disaster for patients.

Diplomatic Immunity

There were illegal immigrants standing right outside the White House last year. No one will touch them. they stood right in front of one of the most secure places in America and no United States official will question them. I thought  diplomatic immunity was great, at least with diplomatic Immunity if you break the law they will kick you out of the country, in this case they give you free stuff.

This morning I got a seat belt violation from a motorcycle cop. I was thinking what would have happed if I were an illegal immigrant. The cop would have pulled me over, took me in, processed me, got me on the road to a legal license, enrolled in a welfare program with EBT card, free schooling (including free lunches) for their kids, if I was a woman I would also get me enrolled in the WIC program and immigration attorney to talk too.

What did I get? A $95 ticket and a notice to appear if I wanted to contest the ticket, which I cant because I actually work and pay taxes to support the illegals who just got all the perks listed above. What do the illegals say when they get caught ? Obama will take care of me, no he wont, I am forced to take care of you and I am mad as hell.