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Stop giving them lunch money

North Korea today announced they have successfully tested a Hydrogen bomb. From a country with no food, heat or electricity how do they perform such a feat ?

Because someone is giving them their lunch money.

Stop giving them food.

I know its not a popular solution, but at some point the North Korean  government is going to have to divert resources from their military and destructive weapons campaign and pay for their own food for their citizens.

If you blame China, great, stop giving China ALL of the manufacturing that we used to do in the United States. It’s a win, win proposition. Its hurts the Chinese economy and it gives back the manufacturing jobs that were lost here in this country.

Its sound so simple doesn’t it ?

Be Honest with Islam

I just read an option piece by John McWhorter on He is one of the few people outside of the Islamic world calling the Islam religion a peaceful religion with only a few people within the Islamic community being cruel and vengeful.

Perhaps he should look back on Salman Rushdie who wrote the book Satanic Verses and got a  fatwā put on his head by the Supreme leader of the country of Iran calling for his assassination. Or perhaps the most recent attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed for a magazine picture.

Look at more moderate and progressive Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia,  Kuwait and Dubai and they have the same laws and attitude against free speech and personal freedoms that the more backwards thinking countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.

They stone, maim, stab and abuse people for the slightest gesture they think is an insult to them or their beliefs of superiority.

To say that Islam is a religion of peace is quickly disproved by a quick search on the internet to see what atrocities mainstream Islamic countries and people have allowed in the name of their religion.

Don’t argue with crazy people

Its funny when a group as fanatical as Green Peace tries to shutdown every company on the planet that get caught doing the least thing bit wrong is being run by the same people they are railing against.

Guess what low level Green Peace members?

All the upper management and politicians that say they support you are like that. Its OK to support your cause as long as it doesn’t affect them personally.

Al Gore is the same way, his mansion consumes more electricity than my house for a hundred years, yet he is championing Global warming or whenever name that you people are calling it now.

It all comes down to money and power.

Kobayashi Maru

Not many people are against Immigration, what has people up in arms is illegal immigration.

What happens when people do not go through the proper channels of a country’s legislative laws to limit the flood of people trying to gain access to a more manageable number? That how North Korea should invade South Korea, don’t use weapons, just have a mass migration and take over government positions.

If I go into an Apple store and take an iPhone from the store without paying, they will call the police. What we should do is get enough people into government who want free iPhones, then change the law that says if you go into an Apple store you have the right to take an iPhone for free. Then if you can’t afford the Cellular plan, then the people who have stolen an iPhone can pass another law to grant anyone with a stolen iPhone (or anyone who can prove they have stolen one) to get a free cellular plan. Wait! Do you need an awesome ride to show off that new iPhone with unlimited data and voice? No problem, if you can prove you have stolen an iPhone in the past 10 years and have a free cellular plan, you can walk into a BMX dealership and take a new automobile.

The events that happened in Huntington Park, California remind me of this. Although they have no power currently, they just appointed two illegal immigrants to a government position! If what to put anyone on a government position that has gone through the petitioning, Green card and then naturalization process, I say no problem, when you want to take short cuts and short circuit the process, I say No Bueno.

You can call the undocumented immigrants or whatever politically correct term you are using know, but the bottom line is that they don’t want to put in the effort to go through proper channels and just decide on their own to do what suits their needs to get to the ends of THEIR means.


Today is the anniversary of the United States dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

70 years later, it’s become too easy to criticize the US decision to use the atomic bomb on Japan. There are many articles that attempt to apply 20/20 hindsight to the decision, but more often than not, these articles sound more like the naive politically-correct ramblings self-proclaimed intellectuals and academics.

The U.S. did not start WWII. On December 7, 1941, Japan surprised attacked Pearl Harbor where 2,403 Americans were killed, and 1,178 more were wounded. In case you need a reminder, please visit the Battleship Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. There you can still see oil seeping from the sunken ship that entombs US Navy sailors killed in the horrific and unprovoked Japanese attack.

It was a World war – not some diplomatic disagreement. There was a real possibility and fear that the West Coast could be attacked causing the deaths of thousands of innocent American citizens. And the brutal treatment of civilians by the Japanese was no secret. (

The war with the Japanese dragged on for 4 years. Tens of thousands of Allied and American Soldiers, Marines and Sailors were being killed daily whether by Japanese soldiers dug-in in hillsides on islands in the Pacific, or by planes filled with explosives slamming into Allied ships. The Japanese had a fanatical loyalty to their emperor that didn’t include surrender.

The dropping of the Atomic bomb may not have been the sole reason the Japanese finally surrendered, but there’s no question that it ended that horrible war more quickly.

The next time some igonrant 20-something or self-righteous academic tries to persuade you how it was a mistake to drop the bomb, just remember that while we didn’t start it, we sure as hell ended it.