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A simple thank you

Here is a request.

I always think helping someone is a great thing. At some point in your life, whether its money or a strong shoulder you will need someone or something to give you a boost. The person that gets the help usually is very grateful and thanks the other person.

I think that someone that has been on Welfare for two years or more should have to write a monthly letter thanking someone in the United States for helping them and telling what progress they have made since the last month. I see an amazing amount of stories about people on a Social program thinking the money comes from the government and not realizing that the money is really coming from other people in the country, it doesn’t magically just appear, someone is giving up their hard earned money to give to them, to make their lives better.

You see these late night commercials that ask you to donate to some children in another place around the world. In return every month the person giving the money gets a letter from the child telling them how they appreciate the help and how they are improving themselves with the helping hand.

Is it too much to ask for a simple thank you?